Star Citizen Then To Now 3.0 an emotional journey

Star Citizen Then To Now 3.0 an emotional journey

in Star Citizen

This is a short film/montage that I had sitting uncompleted for a while but
when the final keynote of citizencon 2947 happened, I felt I had what I needed to complete the video!
I’m calling it Then to Now 3.0
It’s been an amazing 5 years of Star Citizen to get to this point.
I’m a newer backer but having downloaded and watched nearly every Star Citizen video including the original 24 hour live stream I feel like I’m still part of it from the beginning by osmosis. It means a whole lot to me, so I picked the song that I felt best expresses what the culmination of everything plus the last keynote felt like. I hope this video gives you goosebumps and warm hearts as it did for me while editing it.

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The song is “I have Hope” by Mitchell Broom used in this video with Mitchell’s permission via twitter.
He was absolutely thrilled by it, so we later worked out an exclusive licensing agreement.
Please follow him on twitter and soundcloud here
He’s an incredible artist that deserve a LOT more recognition.

My #1 video game recommendation:
If you love Minecraft or sci-fi games with mining or gathering or building like Elite Dangerous, Empyrion, Fallout 4, Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, No Man’s Sky, etc etc Then you’re gonna absolutely LOVE Star Citizen!

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